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  1. We were graciously served by Chef Marlow , Marvin and Lanell for our 1st Family reunion. We experienced the best meat and veggie lasagna I have ever tasted. Every bite was a full sensation of flavor, you could sink your teeth into the meal because of its wholesome consistency. I have experienced dry and soupy lasagna , but Marlows Lasagna was perfect everything blended perfectly with a tastey side salad and toasted garlic bread . Finger licking good! Chef Marlow was very professional and was very intentive to what I desired for the meal. He asked questions and came up with a plan that he thought would meet my needs for the event. When in doubt he didn’t hesitate to ask specifics. Not only did Marlow provide a excellent meal his team served my family ensuring everyone was happy. His contagious upbeat personality filled the room as he conversated with the guest and kept a smile on his face throughout always asking us “Is there anything else I can do?” I Absolutely loved and appreciated my experience and will certainly use him on my next catered event.
    Time: Sunday August 21, 2011 at 5:44 pm

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