About Me

Chef M. A. J.Marlow Johnson is a 30 yo male who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu with a A.A. in Culinary Arts. He  has  passion for cooking and a drive for serving people good food.

Marlow A. Johnson has a tremendous passion for the culinary arts, as well as the skills, education, and motivation it takes for continued success in this industry. Marlow was born in Chicago,Illinois in 1983, where he lived with his Mother, 2 brothers, and sister. They moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1991, where he grew up with addictional family pops, brother, and sister cooking vegetarian food for his family everyday. Because of the extraordinary skill it takes to put into making vegetable dishes, tofu dishes, and other wheat-meat substitutes taste delicious for his family, he developed a strong skill and appreciation for cooking and eating all kinds of different cuisine. He continued to train in cuisine and master his craft while working odd jobs to help pay the bills. Eager to learn more and to become a chef, he enrolled as a student at the Le Cordon Blue College of Culinary Arts in Atlanta, Georgia in August, 2007. He obtained his Associates Degree in Occupational Science and graduated in June, 2009. He plans on opening his own luxury restaurant or banquet hall establishment in the  Atlanta metro area that serves a blend of Asian, French, Italian, and florribean styles of cuisine.