What did his wife have for lunch?

Well, I had a beautiful lunch today at work. We had an in-service and they served us a delicious Caribbean buffet. They had beans and rice, shrimp etouffee, barbeque chicken (that was dry though), curry chicken, plantains galore, and cabbage. I was in heaven since I had been craving Caribbean food for a couple of days since we went to this Caribbean restaurant in Macon, GA to see this band perform (Dean Brown) that I can’t remember the name to. I have to find out what it’s called because the food is really good there and I felt like I only had a tease of their food because when we went we were broke and only got an appetizer and sampled the in-laws plate (Budget Balling!). It was the best Caribbean food I’ve every tasted and the restaurant was really nice. When I find out the name I’ll post it later. Good enough to eat…………


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